Todd Dunphy

Martial Artist

A Winner of Multiple World Championships

A Living Legend

The KING of Kata

“The Greatest Warrior is he who Conquers Himself”

Multiple World Championships Winner

Todd is the winner of unbelievable 56 gold medals at the World Championships!
He has incredibly won more tournaments in the past two years than most top competitors and legends have in a lifetime.
Traveling world wide, he is honored to compete at the most prestigious tournaments on the planet, and thankful to have earned the respect from many of the greatest and most legendary Martial Arts Masters in the world.

jingyoungTodd’s Ranks

  • 7th Degree Black Belt in Karate
  • 5th Degree Black Belt in Dux Ryu
  • Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

Todd states, “I started Karate in La Selva Beach California in 1972 at age 12. My first Sensei was my Big Brother Terry Dunphy who was also my inspiration and motivation, along with Bruce Lee and the TV show Kung Fu. I credit my success to my brother Terry because he made me practice each form over and over until I got it right. I’m still working on that! I received my First Degree Black Belt when I was 21 years old.

I started competition when I was 24 in the San Francisco Bay Area. I took third place in my first tournament (PAL) and was hooked right at that moment. Kata and Weapons were my favorite and those are the divisions I love.

I went to every tournament I could go to local and nation wide.
I was one of the best in the Bay Area for many years.
I started traveling around the world to compete and test my technique against World Competitors and have won or placed in every tournament I entered.

I’ve lost to many different people and never considered it a loss. My brother told me that there’s always someone better and to learn from it. He taught me, “Train in the Dojo as if you are there on the floor.” And this is how I’ve trained all my life.
I still lose and I still am learning about myself and how my mind and body need to connect. My Sensei ‘still’ corrects me when necessary.

I’m focused, motivated, and ‘never’ going to give up. I do my best to achieve my goals. I’m also still learning about myself. I enter every division I can and I like to give the youngsters a run for their money!”

Todd in Martial Science Magazine

Todd on the cover of Martial Science Magazine

Todd’s 2017 Tournament Results

– Winter Internationals:
  • 15 First place
  • Weapons Grand Champion
  • Forms Grand Champion
– Warrior Cup:
  • 9 First
  • 1 second
– Compete Nationals – 10 First
– Fresno Open:
  • 15 First
  • Weapons Grand Champion
  • Forms Grand Champion
  • Overall Grand Champion
– So.Cal Open:
  • 7 First
  • Grand Champion
– Orange County PAC Open: 7 First
– Steve Coopers. PAC 7:
  •  First Weapons Grand Champion
  • Forms Grand Champion
  • Overall Grand Champion
– WAC World Championships:
  • 11 First (World titles)
  • 2 seconds
– Hawai’i Open: 2 First
– WKC Nationals: 6 First
– Midwest National’s:
  • Winner of 5 Belt titles
– Made USA Team
– USA World Championships:  
  • 28 World titles
  • 8 Second place
  • 2 Third place
– World record tournament record:
  • Most divisions ever entered by a competitor in any circuit in the world
  • Most titles won ever by a single individual how to single tournament
– Long Beach Internationals (Martial Con)
  • 13 First
  • 2 seconds
– IMAC Open:
  • 7 First place
  • Weapons Grand Champion
  • Forms Grand Champion
  • Overall Grand Champion
– Elite Master’s Hall of Fame Inductee AND Competitor of the Year.
– WAC Hall of Fame: Supreme Warrior


14 tournaments
161 Divisions
41 First place WORLD Titles
10 Second place WORLD Titles
2 Third place WORLD Titles


141 First place
13  Second place
2 third place
12 Grand Championships
53  World titles


Todd’s Tournament Performences

World Championship, Dublin, Ireland

Demo Performance,
September 2016

Musical Form

Todd is performing a traditional Kata at the Golden Gate Internationals.

Traditional Kata

Todd is performing his Kata at the Palm Beach MA Expo.
November 2015

Traditional Weapons Form

Todd is performing a weapons Kata at the Golden Gate Internationals.

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